About us

https://www.mjidexpress.com is a Moroccan collaborative educational site, created by a technical teacher, the site offers educational resources for technical and vocational education in Morocco and offers a lot of courses in electrical and computer engineering, a basic of data containing several projects and several other educational modules.

The primary purpose of this site is to serve as a guideline for anyone seeking knowledge, to facilitate its integration into the workforce. Indeed, the site aims to clarify the route of each young asset and this, trying to answer amply, all the questions that revolve around his student and / or professional environment. On the other hand, the site operates a tour of horizons on all the centers of interest affecting students (courses, projects to download, management, software …).

Moreover, we mainly rely on the concept of (E-Learning) or distance education, a concept that minimizes the effect of all space-time variables, in order to further facilitate the involvement of young students. on the path of knowledge.