The major weather stations are no longer rain and shine since the advent of models for individuals. Easier to use, these revolutionary gadgets are at the heart of everyone and provide homes with the information needed to forecast their activities. Here’s how these little gadgets work

Local weather stations are among the most common models you will find in stores. Generally, they will inform you about the temperature (inside and outside), the atmospheric pressure and the hygrometry. To do this, these weather stations are equipped with several sensors. In order to determine the humidity of the air, for example, these weather stations are equipped with a hygrometer, also called moisture meter. As their name implies, local weather stations will only provide you with climate data for a given location. So, do not expect them to indicate the same climatic values ​​as those advertised in the weather reports. On the practical side, these models are ideal for people such as gardeners. Indeed, they need to know if it will rain or not in their gardens. Thanks to the precious information provided by their weather stations, they will be able to regulate the irrigation of their plants or to bring in the most sensitive ones.


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