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CIPE 2028 – Artificial Intelligence and Health Players: Shared Intelligences

CIPE is celebrating its 10th anniversary and it’s time to start the next decade! Also, we invite you to book your evening of Friday 18 January and we are pleased to invite you to an event on the theme of Artificial Intelligence. It will be an opportunity to project ourselves together in the world of the health of the future, guided by knowledgeable experts.

All the staff of the CIPE institutions who have paid their 2018 membership fees are invited to this event. Registration is free and compulsory on the CIPE website:

The PACA East Inter-Hospital Community (CIPE) is a non-profit organization created on August 27th, 2008 by the presidents of CME and institutional directors of public health and medico-social establishments in order to create a forum for convivial and collective debate around issues. shared and promote common approaches around the quality and safety of care, organize cross-training or facilitate inter-institutional cooperation (CLUD, ResO infectio …).

Today it brings together 23 establishments in the PACA East region, Haute-Corse and the Principality of Monaco, including the CHU of Nice and the CH of Menton, Cannes, Grasse, Antibes, Draguignan and Fréjus. It thus associates establishments of the Regional Hospital Groups of Alpes Maritimes and Var.

Organized in its early days around a “Quality Committee” like a regional support structure that it wanted to prefigure and which should soon see the day in PACA in the light of the law of modernization of health from January 2016! The aim was to promote approaches to improve the quality and safety of care, such as RMMs, or feedback on certification by focusing on feedback. The CIPE now supports health professionals working in the hospital context, in their cross-disciplinary training in health issues such as e-health and participates in restructuring projects in support of teams. The relaunch by the law of regional support structures such as the creation of GHTs could tomorrow offer a new opportunity to the CIPE which has formed a real regional professional network.

The very large and geographically wide presence of professionals at all the events organized, the bringing together of CIPE regional structures dedicated to infectious risk or the fight against pain, make the CIPE an association led by professionals in the service of other professionals. At the moment when the reconciliations between hospital structures are imposed by regulation, its actions of formation, of sharing of professional experiences to appropriate and to anticipate, of exchanges of good practices help the professionals to appropriate and to anticipate the changes as much organizational than technological technological, placing professionals and patients at the heart of its missions.



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