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Artificial Insight: Helping Precision Medical Diagnostics


Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining are a huge opportunity for medicine in general and medical diagnosis in particular, making precision medicine possible.

These technologies facilitate diagnosis by automating tedious tasks, freeing up time for care and complex cases. Moreover, some algorithms are able to detect lesions invisible to the naked eye, allowing an early diagnosis.

While the technical challenges of developing diagnostic aid algorithms are great, facilitating them to a non-specialist audience is no less important. Artificial intelligence algorithms are often accused of being “black boxes”, and the appropriation of their operation requires an investment of time that is not always available to doctors.

It is from this observation that Artificial Insight was born.

Founded in 2018, Artificial Insight aims to facilitate physicians’ access to the latest technological advances in precision medical diagnostics.

The Artificial Insight Store platform allows physicians, via the cloud, to use diagnostic support algorithms without pre-requisites. The Artificial Insight Store platform catalog features algorithms developed by Artificial Insight and carefully selected external vendors to provide the best care for patients, regardless of the data acquisition modality and whatever the reason. pathology. Artificial Insight has already signed partnerships with Pixyl (neurology) and Casis (cardiology).

The Artificial Insight Store platform has been officially launched since January 8, 2019 at For any registration before January 31, 2019, 10 treatments will be offered.

The Artificial Insight team is made up of specialists with experience in the medical device industry, medical informatics and the academic world. The dual IT and medical expertise allows Artificial Insight to understand the technical, ethical and regulatory constraints of new technologies handling medical data.

In 2019, Artificial Insight strengthens his team: all the information on the career page. For more information: – Twitter –



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